Roger Hamilton

Roger James Hamilton is a social entrepreneur, creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, founder of Phi Dynamics and co-founder of XL Nation and XL Group. Behind all of Rogerís companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: The power to grow our flow individually and collectively... more



On the Wealth Dynamics Test, I am a Creator profile. That means I'm great at starting things and terrible at finishing anything. The companies I start,I seek great leaders to run. They don't always go as planned, but when they do, as with all Creators that find their flow, my companies reflect a common vision and model of execution. In my case - their focus is on effective giving. You can visit the following web sites to get a background on some of the companies that I founded or co-founded and currently has shareholdings in:

Wealth Dynamics: Profiling System for Entrepreneurs

XL Events: Major Entrepreneur Events & Experiences

XL Media: Media for Social Entrepreneurs

XL Results Foundation: Steward to the XL Nation Senate

XL Vision Villas: Bali's Leading Workshop Retreat

Expat Living: Expat Magazine in Singapore

Expat Rentals: Property Company in Singapore